Voyager 2 Passes Uranus, the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and Curie

Episode 255 · January 24th, 2018 · 6 mins 21 secs

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Episode Links:

Rocket Lab successfully circularizes orbit with new Electron kick stage

An Important Update From Google Lunar Xprize

Uranus- NASA

Uraniun Moons

Uranus Approach

Voyager 1 and 2 Mission Information- LASP

Jason Davis has a great article about revisiting the ice giants that you should check out. I didn't mention it in today's episode but don't let that stop you from reading it.
Revisiting the ice giants: NASA study considers Uranus and Neptune missions

I didn't talk about this in today's episode because there isn't a lot of public information on this Shuttle MIssion. The Shuttle Discovery lifted off on a three-day classified DoD mission on this day in 1985.

STS-51C Mission Page