A MOCR Update from Jim Remar plus Earthrising

Episode 376 · October 23rd, 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Regular episodes are coming soon! I have been editing video, writing social media content for my day job, and generally staying completely busy. This has dug into my free time considerably so thank you for your patience and for listening to each episode. I've got some excellent news to share next episode so stay tuned. For now, enjoy the latest Cosmosphere Podcast episode!

This month we chat with Carla about the upcoming gala, Earthrising: The Celebration of Apollo 8. You'll also hear from the CEO of the Cosmosphere, Jim Remar, about the MOCR restoration project that SpaceWorks is spearheading.

This month is also the one year anniversary for the podcast! Thanks for listening, we are looking forward to season 2!

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You can see all of the upcoming events, including "Earthrising: The Celebration of Apollo 8" Cosmosphere Calendar

Check out pictures from SpaceWorks via the Facebook page for The Space Shot. I will upload video to this album and will update the show notes accordingly once this video is live. SpaceWorks MOCR Consoles- Facebook Album

A huge thank you to Benoit Darcy, from Paris France for allowing us to use "Hypergolic" from the album "Apollo" for the podcast. Check it out through your music service of choice.
Apollo - EP Away From Earth