This Week in Space History- February 10th to the 23rd

Episode 411 · February 21st, 2020 · 24 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Work has been incredibly busy for me. I've had training and way less free time than normal.

My top ten space movies episode is still coming, I've decided to watch some of these movies again so I can properly rank them. I also have a decade in review episode coming soon, it's going to be a retrospective of the big events of the 2010's and a look forward to what I'm excited for in the 2020's.

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Episode Links:

Hubble Part 1

Hubble Part 2

STS-82 Post Flight- National Space Society

STS-82 NASA mission page


Solar Dynamics Observatory- Images/Data

Solar Dynamics Observatory mission page

Just launched! The NASA/ESA Solar Orbiter mission
Mission Page

You have to check out this link. It shows the EPIC camera from the DSCOVR spacecraft.
The EPIC camera

DSCOVR mission page

Venera 1

Mariner 7

HALCA mission page

Vega- Arianespace

NEAR Shoemaker mission page


Voyager 1- The Family Portrait

Pale Blue Dot

Solar Maximum Mission

Chelyabinsk Meteor- NASA

Vanguard 2

Discovery of Pluto- AAS

A great article
Space Shuttle Enterprise- Chris Gebhardt

The Space Shot- The Enterprise


Starlink Launch

SpaceX Dragon

Friendship 7

Liftoff of Friendship 7

John Glenn and Discovery

MA-6 Results pdf

Luna 20- mission page


Paz mission SpaceX