The Decade In Review

Episode 415 · March 10th, 2020 · 20 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

Sadly, I have lost the script for my top ten space movies episode, so I'm going to do an abbreviated episode just counting down my favorites. Sorry about that. :(

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Episode Links:

*#10 STS-135 The end of the Shuttle Era

STS-135 Mission Page

STS-135: The Final Voyage

*#9 Exoplanets and Kepler

Kepler's Legacy

'Cotton Candy' Planet Mysteries Unravel in New Hubble Observations

*#8 Cassini

Cassini- Mission Overview

Cassini- The Grand Finale

Huygens Lander

*#7 Dragon

SpaceX COTS Demonstration Flight 1

SpaceX First Dragon Reflight


*#6 International Spaceflight

China's Chang'e 4 Mission

ESA Rosetta Mission

India's Mars Orbiter Mission- Mangalyaan

*#5 Mars Exploration Rovers

NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers

Mars Exploration Rovers-

Historical Log- Mars Missions-

*#4 New Horizons

New Horizons Mission Page

Pluto's Heart

*#3 Commercial Spaceflight and Shotwell's Decade

"This may be a transcendent year for SpaceX" Ars Technica

Gwynne Shotwell- CNN Profile

"William Gerstenmaier joins SpaceX, and that’s a really big deal" Ars Technica

2 Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and the Rise of Reusable Launch Vehicles

SpaceX Falcon 9 Page

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Page

See the Evolution of SpaceX's Rockets in Pictures-


I found this SpaceX 10 years in review page after recording the decade in review episode. The difference in capabilities and scale of rocket production is astonishing.

1 NASA's Astronaut Corps

NASA Astronauts

*The 2020s

  1. Artemis

  2. Rise of the Super Heavies
    SpaceX Starship


New Armstrong is still years out, but here's some information on Blue Origin's next rocket, New Glenn.
Blue Origin- New Glenn

  1. JWST

  2. Europa Clipper