Apollo 13: 50 Years Later (Part 1)

Episode 422 · April 11th, 2020 · 49 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

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Part 1 of the Apollo 13 resources and history series. Check out the show notes for a ton of links and resources!

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Episode Links:

Apollo 13 50th Anniversary- Cosmo.org

Check out the 13 Days of Apollo 13 posts.
The Cosmosphere Facebook Page

Apollo 13 In Real Time

NASA History Twitter

Andy Saunders- Apollo Image Restoration

Scott Manley- What Caused The Explosion That Crippled Apollo 13?

13 Minutes to the Moon- BBC World Service

NASA Resources:

NASA Resource List

Apollo 13 Home Safe- NASA YouTube

Apollo 13 Views of the Moon in 4K. NASA Goddard

Apollo 13 S-IVB Booster Impact Experiment- With Newly Discovered Audio

Lunar and Planetary Institute Apollo 13 Picture Gallery

Apollo 13- 50 Years Ago

Apollo 13 Mission Page

Houston We Have a Podcast- Apollo 13 Interview

Apollo 13 Pictures- NASA Johnson Space Center Flickr Page

Mission Audio: