Tory Bruno- a Conversation With the CEO of the United Launch Alliance (The Cosmosphere Podcast)

Episode 374 · August 24th, 2018 · 30 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance stops by to talk STEM, education, history, and more on the latest edition of the Cosmosphere Podcast. Thanks again to Tory and the wonderful communications team at ULA for making this happen!

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Check out the United Launch Alliance website for information on launches, launch vehicles, and more.

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) Student Rocket isn't some little Estes model rocket, click this link to learn more about this spectacular student built sport rocket.

The community efforts of ULA are highlighted at this website.

If you're a student or the parent of a student, look at the internship opportunities at ULA by clicking this link.

Learn more about the Parker Solar Probe and the incredible mission to "touch" the Sun. Click this NASA link for more.

For information about the Cosmosphere, check out for news, events, and hours.

A huge thank you to Benoit Darcy, from Paris France for allowing us to use "Hypergolic" from the album "Apollo" for the podcast. Check it out through your music service of choice.
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