From Spacecraft to Popsicle Sticks

Episode 373 · July 27th, 2018 · 32 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

Today's episode has two for one :) The first part is episode 373 of The Space Shot and part 2 is the latest Cosmosphere Podcast. Enjoy!

Welcome to season 2! The podcast is shifting to a weekly format with longer in-depth episodes covering historical topics, book reviews, interviews, and more. Make sure to stay subscribed because the content for this season is going to be phenomenal. I have incredible guests lined up, and I'm looking forward to sharing their stories and expertise with all of you!

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A huge thank you to Benoit Darcy, from Paris France for allowing us to use music from the album "Apollo" for the podcast. The song in the podcast titles is called "Hypergolic" and is available through streaming services as well as iTunes.
Apollo - EP Away From Earth