This Week in Space History- January 6th to the 19th

Episode 407 · January 18th, 2020 · 23 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

My top ten space movies episode is still coming, I've decided to watch some of these movies again so I can properly rank them. I also have a decade in review episode coming soon, it's going to be a retrospective of the big events of the 2010's and a look forward to what I'm excited for in the 2020's.

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Episode Links:


Japan Space Flyer Unit- JAXA

Lunar Prospector




Black Holes- NASA page

Titan Touchdown- NASA/JPL Huygens Video

Huygens Probe Information Page- NASA

Titan Overview-

Cassini Mission Overview- NASA

Space Mountain- Disney

Stardust Mission NASA/JPL Page

NASA's Discovery Mission Page


JASON-3 Mission Page

Gemini 2

New Horizons- NASA Mission Page

New Horizons- Pluto Images