This Week in Space History- January 20th to the 26th

Episode 408 · January 20th, 2020 · 18 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

Lots of 1960's space history this week, plus some SpaceX news. Let's dive in!

My top ten space movies episode is still coming, I've decided to watch some of these movies again so I can properly rank them. I also have a decade in review episode coming soon, it's going to be a retrospective of the big events of the 2010's and a look forward to what I'm excited for in the 2020's.

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Episode Links:

SpaceX/NASA video
SpaceX Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test

Rocket Lab: "I never want to hold again"

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Episode 31: "Difference Engines, Albert II, and the V-2"

Miss Sam Launch Details-
Ebook- "NASA Historical Data Book: Programs and projects, 1958-1968"

Apollo 5

Falcon Heavy Demo Static Fire


STS-42 Video Debrief- National Space Society

STS-89 Video Debrief- National Space Society

South Atlantic Anomaly

TIROS Satellites



Voyager 2 Uranus Images

Uranus- Moons In-Depth

Miranda In-Depth

Episode 91: "WorldView 3, Echo 1, MRO, and Galileo"

Project Echo

NASA's Clementine Mission

Ranger 3