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  • Episode 42: The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

    Episode  |  June 25th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  6 mins 50 secs
    drone ship, falcon, falcon 9, hermann oberth, history, hitchhikers guide, just read the instructions, mir, nasa, pop culture, reddit, science history, shuttle, space, space history, space shot, space shuttle, space station, spacex, star trek, the space shot, vafb

    SpaceX and Iridium, Hermann Oberth, Progress-Mir collision, and STS-50. I’ve got a big episode for you today, so let’s get to it.

  • Episode 41: Meteors, UFOs, and MUOS 5

    Episode  |  June 24th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 30 secs
    atlas v, cape canaveral, kennedy space center, launch, meteor, muos, rocket, rocket launch, rockets, roswell, space, united states armed forces, us navy, usaf

    The Navy's MUOS 5 satellite launched on this day in 2016. Plus, a meteor and the Roswell coverup.

  • Episode 40: Digital Amnesia and Core B1029

    Episode  |  June 23rd, 2017  |  Season 1  |  6 mins 27 secs
    computers, digital amnesia, falcon 9, history, nasa, space, spacex, tocqueville

    SpaceX launched and stuck a (hard) landing earlier today. I will link to the webcast in the show notes! Also, digital amnesia with a bit of Tocqueville for good measure. Subscribe and share the podcast today!

  • Episode 39: Film Cameras, Galileo, Charon, and Sally Ride

    Episode  |  June 22nd, 2017  |  Season 1  |  6 mins 43 secs
    charon, coffee, ektachrome, galileo, kodachrome, kodak, nasa, new horizons, pluto, sally ride, space, the space shot

    Big episode today, plus a meowmeo by Mr. Tim. Subscribe today, so you don't miss an episode!

  • Episode 38: SpaceShipOne

    Episode  |  June 21st, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 28 secs
    burt rutan, nasa, scaled composites, space shuttle, spaceshipone, starship, virgin, virgin galactic

    The first private crewed spaceflight, today on The Space Shot! Check out the show notes for video from the historic launch of SpaceShipOne.

  • Episode 37: The V-2

    Episode  |  June 20th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 34 secs
    germany, nasa, nazi, nazis, rocket, rockets, space, v-2, v2, von braun, wernher von braun, wwii

    Sending V-2 rockets into space and the STS-78 mission. Subscribe and share the podcast today!

  • Episode 36: The Cosmosphere

    Episode  |  June 19th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 17 secs
    apollo, apollo 13, cosmosphere, history, imax, kansas, nasa, soviets, space

    Today is the last of the travel episodes for now. Tomorrow the regular format will start back up! Thanks for listening!

  • Episode 35: Sally Ride and The Best of Both Worlds

    Episode  |  June 18th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  3 mins 37 secs
    borg, challenger, nasa, picard, sally ride, shuttle, space, spacex, star trek, the borg, woman astronaut

    Two topics today, Sally Ride became the first American woman astronaut in 1983 and Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds" released in 1990.

  • Episode 34: Royalty in Space and Mr. & Mrs. Pyle

    Episode  |  June 17th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  2 mins 3 secs
    nasa, royalty, saudi arabia, shuttle, space, space shuttle

    Quick episode today!

  • Episode 33: Valentina Tereshkova & Roadtrip!

    Episode  |  June 16th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 48 secs
    cold war, space, space race, valentina tereshkova, vostok

    I'm on the road for the next few days, so please bear with me on the audio quality for some of these episodes. I will have more on Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride this weekend, since both of their historic flights took place in June.

  • Episode 32: Is That a Clipper Ship? No, It Is a Starship

    Episode  |  June 15th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  5 mins 14 secs
    data, earth, falcon 9, guinan, history, iss, mark twain, of course i still love you, spacex, star trek, starship, the space shot

    On today's episode, a Progress resupply launch for the ISS, SpaceX launch history and news, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Episode 31: Difference Engines, Albert II, and the V-2

    Episode  |  June 14th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  5 mins 24 secs
    animals, difference engine, lego, legos, missiles, monkeys, nasa, otd, rockets, space, spaceflight, v-2, white sands, white sands missile range

    On this day in 1822, Charles Babbage introduced the idea for his Difference Engine, a computational device that he hoped would produce more accurate mathematical tables. Also on this day in 1949, Albert II died after reaching space.

  • Episode 30: The Millennium and Peregrine Falcons

    Episode  |  June 13th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  4 mins 52 secs
    asteroid field, asteroids, empire strikes back, hayabusa, jaxa, millennium falcon, nasa, pioneer, pioneer 10, space, star wars

    On this day in 1983, the Pioneer 10 probe became the first spacecraft to leave the major planets in our solar system. Also on this day in 2010, the asteroid sample return capsule from the Hayabusa spacecraft lands in Australia.

  • Episode 29: Where Is Everybody?

    Episode  |  June 12th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  6 mins 10 secs
    alien life, churchill, exoplanets, extraterrestrial life, fermi, kepler, nasa, tsiolkovsky

    Today we’re talking about Fermi’s Paradox, exoplanets, and the bigger question of what’s out there?

  • Episode 28: Gamma-rays, Gemstones, and the Fermi Space Telescope

    Episode  |  June 11th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  5 mins 6 secs
    astronomy, bruce banner, fermi, gamma rays, gamma-rays, gems, gemstones, gia, hulk, incredible hulk, irradiation, light speed, lightning, nasa, radio astronomy, space, thunderstorms

    Today we are going to talk about Gamma rays. And no, not the kind that transformed Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk, but the kind that the Fermi Gamma Ray telescope is designed to observe.

  • Episode 27: The Spirit of Rovers Past

    Episode  |  June 9th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  5 mins 2 secs
    explorer, jpl, mars, mars rovers, martian, moon, nasa, opportunity, spirit

    The Spirit rover launched on this day in 2003. Today we've got some background and an overview of Spirit's mission. Subscribe and share with your friends and family today!